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Welcome to Elf Vent, your one stop shop of mischievous props and fun for those visiting Christmas friends all in one easy box.


My name is Daniela Di Pietro and I am obsessed with all things Christmas! Since having my children, I get so much enjoyment out of creating that Christmas magic for them each and every year through our visiting elves Jingles & Tinsel.

Over the years I have received so many positive comments on my props that I decided it was time I share them.  With so many of my mummy friends being so time poor I thought what better way to spread the Christmas magic than by supplying an easy, hassle-free props for all things ELF!!

My passion has given me the stimulus to turn my inspiration into a business and I am so proud to be able to share it with you.

My team and I are dedicated to taking a little of the stress out of Christmas by supplying you with props and activities for your visiting elf.  Nothing can compare with witnessing the joy on your children’s faces when they go looking for the magic or mischief your elf has created overnight.

We hope you and your little ones enjoy the magic our products create as much as we take pleasure in supplying them for you.

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